Helping creative women find the time, energy, and focus for the creative work they want to do.

Hi, I’m Shannon

In 2006, I submitted my first poem to a publication.

Six months later, I got my first rejection.

I was crushed. I didn’t write another poem, for six years.

Slowly I found my way back to writing.

In 2012 I submitted a poem to a different publication.

Three months later, the rejection email popped into my inbox.

BUT, this time I sent the poem out again.

And again.

And again.

Then, eight months later, I got my very first yes.

Since then, I've written two chapbooks, drafted two novels, and published my work in numerous outlets including The New Yorker, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, AARP, Scary Mommy, Reader's Digest and more.

And I've done it all while raising two kids and working full-time.

In my decade of writing and publishing experience I have learned how to balance a creative life with "real life," how to find focus and set goals, and how to relish rejection instead of fearing it.

You can find time for your creative life. I'm here to teach you how.

Get Your Mind Right

Focus on destroying limiting beliefs and becoming proactive.

Find The Time and Space

You have time in your life for the creative work you love. I'll help you find it.

Start Creating A Community

How to find your creative outlet, and the community that will keep you moving forward.


A bonus video and audio lecture on how to become fearless in the face of rejection.